Monday, August 27, 2012

Sea Save - Wave Rave Yummies!!!!

Custom Yummies!!!!!!

Lovingly made by our own Veerle Roelandt, in honor of this year's Sea Save - Wave Rave!!!
Too good to eat :)

Seriously?  How cute are these?  Could you really eat one?  Thanks Renee Cicchino!!

Delicious Dolphin Delights!

Cookie monsters!  Thanks Jessica Meier.  Swimming into the belly of the whale :)

Who?  Me??????  Goodie, goodie gum drops!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wave Rave Kids Getting in on the Fun!

The future of our oceans is in the hands of future generations.  Many Wave Ravers seized the opportunity to share ocean wonders with youn people.  Below please find a few participants :)

From Melissa Martinez and Cory Chard in Wisconsin

From Guy and Liron Horowitz in Israel
 Ethan volunteered for the project and brought his beloved sea turtle... :D

Fabulous Kids from Vava'u, Tonga, drew wonderful pictures for Wave Rave 2012!  Thanks VEPA and Karen Stone for the coordination!

From Women Diver Hall of Fame Dee Wescott and her lovely family from Denver, Colorado.

Jamie and Peter Bernstein - Cocoa Beach, Florida

Marlou Gottesman, Cinnamon Beach, Florida

a quirky bit of flotsam

Message in a Bottle: Thee to the Sea

Create a message and set your bottle adrift.

Float a sea-sustaining bubble of an idea, a fond Wave Rave memory, or even a salty riddle. 

Imagine the Ocean's lolling "thank you."

Everything is Connected

Everything is Connected
by Carlos de la Rosa

At dawn, standing at the top of a 40-meter tower in the rainforests of La Selva Biological Station, in Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí, Costa Rica, the world looks bright and clean. On the horizon, the Central Volcanic Cordillera still covered with old forests where jaguars roam. From 3,000 meters above sea level to near sea level, an uninterrupted swatch of rainforests has provided for over 60 years a place for scientists and students learn about this imperiled ecosystem. The rivers that traverse these forests collect into the mighty San Juan River to eventually drain into the Atlantic Ocean, a relatively short distance in the narrow isthmus that is Central America.

La Selva observation tower overlooking dense Costa Rica rainforest.
Looking at these forests, the ocean seems far away, disconnected and perhaps unimportant. But they are connected in very powerful and meaningful ways. Anything we do on the land will eventually show up on the oceans. Even the volcanoes that emerged from the ...
ocean and formed the isthmus will eventually go back to these same oceans. To me, it not whether they will go back there or not, in processes that should take millions of years. To me is how much, while we’re somewhat at the helm of the landscape-use process we’ve been engaging in the last few centuries, we’re willing to do to accelerate or diminish degradation of the life that is sustained by these land-ocean exchanges.

I look at the old forest and wish there was more of it, tempering the weather and tectonic events, mitigating our foolish use of fossil fuels, our non-careless handling of our wastes, and our insatiable hunger for things that are finite and we’ll never be able to get back again. I see the forests and see hope for the oceans. Because, they are connected, like we are to them, like everything is.

Erick Atari Supports "Out of this World" Wave Rave!

We were very proud to have Erick Atari helping us promote our 2012 Wave Rave effort.  With over 250 participants worldwide, the success was truly "out of this world1"

Wave Rave 2012...Keep on rolling

In a colossal, global paean dubbed Wave Rave 2012, ocean lovers and Sea Save friends got their Wave on for ocean justice and sustainability.
For two days (Aug 25 & 26), under every conceivable condition and in some inconceivably splashy, often truly scrumptious expressions, WAVE RAVE blew wet kisses to our oceans. 

Please surf over your visuals and tell us more!

No doubt your permission is always a must, but here's hoping we can share for good purpose!

Keep the Wave Rave rolling and stay salty!

ps: Weather eye on Isaac's progress and the well-being of those in its path.

Wave Rave

The team at Sea Save Foundation launched its second annual Wave Rave celebration this year.  The first rave was celebrated in 2010!  On August 25th and August 26th over 250 independent celebrations were held across the world.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

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The official mission statement of Sea Save Foundation is to generate consciousness and encourage stewardship of natural ecosystems, and to carry on charitable and educational activities associated with this purpose.