Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sea Save Foundation Proud Content Contributor to New Film about the Tuna Industry

Thanks to the hard work of Billi-Jean Parker and Susan Scott for producing this awesome film!

"Global tuna stocks are down by 90% or so they have been saying for a while now, but we still see shelves and shelves of tinned tuna in our shopping centres. Internationally, sushi is readily available with tuna in it. So what is the problem? The blue-fin tuna, one of the ocean's top predators is the most threatened although it is not fished in South Africa. We in SA, have yellow-fin, albacore and skipjack species of tuna that have different lifecycles and are generally fished more sustainably here. Unfortunately, this may not be the case when blue-fin tuna has been fished to extinction... the rest of the species may then see the same fate. People are greedy. In South Africa, the tuna we pull out of the ocean does not make its way into our tins and onto our plates. So where does our tinned tuna come from? And how can we guarantee the fishing methods were safe and sustainable. What are the different fishing methods? What difference does it make how or where the fish are caught? How can we as the consumers dictate what we want to eat? 50|50 goes to sniff out if there's something fishy happening!"