Friday, October 12, 2012

Malibu Migration - Beginning my Two Month Adventure as a Sea Save Volunteer

Just over a year ago, I finally joined the social media age, not having any idea where it would lead. For it was through Twitter, I became aware of the amazing Sea Save Foundation. Initially a follower, now I am able and very excited to say that I am a volunteer for them. 

During the past 6 months, I have been lucky enough to oversee the important Wave Rave 2012 project which took place on August 25th & 26th of this year. With the need to spread the importance of ocean awareness and protection, it was essential to get as many hosts around the world as possible to hold event.  We got in excess of 250 global hosts which was simply fantastic!!! However as amazing that this was, it was being able to tell my family, friends and colleagues about Sea Save and all that they do, and seeing their wonderful response, which really gave me joy.  Just by dedicating a bit of time to this wonderful organisation and essential cause I was making a difference and in itself, this is rewarding. After all saving our oceans, means saving us; what could be more important?

Therefore when I was granted a 3 month career break from my work, I knew that I wanted to use this time, not only for some well earned ‘R & R’ but to do something I am passionate about; the environment.  With my strong relationship with Sea Save, I could not think of any other organisation that I wanted to help more.  So I am off soon to Malibu, California with my suitcase of clothes, toiletries, Union flag beach towel (present from my wonderful colleagues) and such an excited feeling!  To be honest, I am a little nervous too but know this is the right and best thing for me to do.  The flights are booked and a beautiful sweet cottage (my home from home) is arranged. The countdown is on!

Being a volunteer for a great cause is a joy; making a difference no matter how small is best thing anyone can do. Being a Sea Save volunteer is an amazing joy, and something I am truly grateful for.  During my trip to the US, I plan to issue regular blogs covering my life and experiences there and hopefully offer an insight into being a Sea Save volunteer.  You are all invited to follow my adventures...