Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Malibu escape continues..

Welcome to Malibu, California 

It's into my second week here in Malibu and I am completely in love with this amazing place and its fabulous welcoming people. The sun continues to shine both in the sky and in my heart!

My home from home here in Malibu
My daily commute
At the start of the week, I moved from my cute hotel to the dreamiest cottage ever! Georgienne kindly helped me move into my new home and we were both blown away by the cottage, the location and wonderful owners Diane and Mathias (& their darling dogs and chickens). They could not have been more welcoming or helpful!!! I have been here several nights now, and the quietness from the usual sounds I am used to is heavenly. Getting out of my car at night, I am welcomed only by the dreamy sounds of crickets and the gentle breeze in the pine trees. Its so peaceful and close to nature; perfect! You should see my commute to the Sea Save office; believe me it's beats my usual morning route! The A13 back home has no mountains, pine trees or ocean views...

Helping Sea Save continues to be fun, interesting and rewarding. Georgienne and Jen are so lovely and Jay has decided to talk with a British accent, which cracks me up. Though a lot of fun, marine conservation is a very important issue, so we are all working hard on our projects.  It is important to note that volunteering for a marine conversation group is not all about 'freeing Willy'. To really make a difference and protect our beautiful oceans, there is lot of  brainstorming, meetings, planning, fundraising and grant writing.  These may seem like dry items, but this is the true work behind marine conservation and is essential to supporting our key conservation projects. Also there are the really difficult tasks such as going to local parties with California "surfer dudes"! Tough job, but someone has to do it! :)

We have made a lot of progress as a team this week on some of key projects including our exciting auction, planning and marketing of our amazing diving expedition to the beautiful Cocos Island in January 2013 and the launching of our FIN project (aimed at continuing our efforts to put a stop to shark fining). Sea Save Foundation members are just the best!
So my second week continues with making new friends (including the cute squirrel I see each morning outside my cottage), making a difference as I work to save our oceans and loving this beautiful place. I am truly blessed...