Friday, March 21, 2014

Earth Day 2014: Give Em The Fin Around The World!

"Giving Em The Fin" at the Grand Canyon
Friends, Conservationists, Shark Lovers, lend me your ears… In celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd 2014, Sea Save is spearheading, a creative, fun and impactful event, Earth Day 2014: Give Em The Fin Around The World!

This event begins April 11th 2014, and will end on April 27th 2014. It is very similar to the 1986 campaign Hands Across America, in which over 6 million people united to form a human chain across the continental United States.

 Sea Save invites you and volunteers from around the world to host their own Give Em The Fin event so that we can unite as one voice and apply international pressure upon the shark finning industry, decision makers, and individual consumers of shark fin soup.

"Giving Em The Fin" in Costa Rica
Give Em The Fin events can be as big or small as you like.  For example, you may wish to host a backyard bar-b-que with friends as your event, or you could choose to showcase a Give Em The Fin booth in one of the many Earth Day festivals that will be held worldwide. Perhaps hosting a quiz night at a local bar is more your idea of a fun event. Whatever you decide, our goal is to have you personally involved.  By hosting your own event, we can direct your friends to upload more Give Em The Fin pictures for our mosaic and raise awareness for shark conservation.

We are hoping that you personally, would be willing to host one of these events. It would be amazing to have you on board, as we know this will create lots of enthusiasm and interest in our Give Em The Fin campaign.

"Giving Em The Fin" in the Philippines
If you would like to participate, please contact Charlotte Payne, or Jay Martinez at [email protected]. They can assist you with every detail of this project and will provide you with all the necessary information for hosting your own event.

“It’s your ocean. Do something about it!”
Put your city on the map..."Get Pinned" by "Giving Em The Fin!" 

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