Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sea Save is going to ADEX - Asia Dive Expo (April 11- 13)

Sea Save Foundation will be making their first appearance at ADEX - Asia Dive Expo, this April, in Singapore!

The Asia Dive Expo is an annual event held in Singapore that strives to bring awareness to oceanic issues, educate on technical diving and celebrate our beautiful ocean. ADEX hosts a medley of exhibitors, varying from ocean conservationists to underwater photographers to dive experts all uniting to share their knowledge and love for the sea. ADEX also offers a wide array of events tailored to entertain any attendee. The TekDive Conference educates attendants on technical diving discipline and even offers an interactive dive pool. Attendees are also encouraged to dress up (come in a wetsuit and get in for free!) or decorate their booth for the chance to win prizes. ADEX also offers a networking room, celebrity speakers, a Miss ADEX Ocean Ambassador contest and multiple conferences.

Photo Credit: Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
The 2014 ADEX is dedicated to coral reefs, a keystone member of marine ecosystems.  Many coral species are currently under threat due to pollution, ocean acidification, and climate change. Coral reefs are such an important part of our ocean, their annual value can be estimates at about 30 billion US dollars. A well-managed coral reef can yield almost 15 tons of seafood per year – that’s important considering we are overfishing most of our edible seafood supply. Coral reefs also generate money for tourism, fisheries and coast line protection. ADEX hopes to raise awareness of the importance of coral reefs and how everyone can do their part to preserve these precious members of our ocean.

Thanks to a kind invitation from ADEX organizers Cassandra Ann Dragon and Michael Aw, the Sea Save Foundation “Give Em the Fin” Mosaic will be featured at the show. As a stand against shark finning, Sea Save Foundation has collaborated with conservationist all over the globe to create a mosaic featuring Sea Save’s Give Em’ Fin symbol in front of world monuments. If you uploaded your Give Em’ Fin picture to Sea Save’s website, you will be a part of Sea Save’s mission and seen by over 38,000 people. If you haven’t uploaded your picture yet, do not worry! There is still time and we would love to feature you and your monument on our mosaic. 

We are very excited to bring our Give ‘Em the Fin campaign to this event to honor these beautiful creatures, and to educate on the terrible practices of shark finning. If you are attending ADEX, make you stop by and visit Sea Save Foundation! We will be in the Activity Center and would love to meet a fellow ocean lover. If you live near Singapore and can help us prepare for this event, or if you can help us at our booth during the event, please send us an e-mail at [email protected].