Monday, October 22, 2012

Malibu inspiration

The Ocean
As I walked carefree along the beach,
The Malibu sun warmed my heart.
The ocean raced timidly around my feet,

And the seagulls flew in gentle art.
I reached down to touch the warm water,
But it quickly moved away as if afraid.
Back to the safety of the ocean deep,
Away from my hand and the connection made.

Do not fear me, I thought within my soul,
Not all man wants to endanger you.
For I feel your strength in my very being,
My heart sees your beauty true.

To me you are gentle yet ruthlessly strong,
A respect I feel with very pulse.
Full of magnificent, graceful creatures,
A mesmerizing, majestic blue life giving force.

Why we humans exploit you, I'll never know.
Remove the beauty from your depth.
See you as just another element to commercialise,
destroying you as your soul wept.

You seemed to understand not to fear,
For around me your waters again gently played,
Waves of joy strengthening your heart,

Your wariness and distrust beginning to fade.
With Reike love I sent our oceans peace,
Praying that we will, our oceans and sea save.
In turn to save us from our own shortsightedness,
And love our oceans and the life the gave.

By Lynda Whitbread

........ and inspired by a Malibu Monday morning ....