Saturday, October 20, 2012

My Malibu Escape

I am here in Malibu, California! That is a statement I never thought I would be lucky enough to say.

Armed with my iPad, I have arrived in Malibu!
This week has been fantastic and so rewarding. Monday was all about traveling (11 hour flight from Heathrow to LAX) and settling in at this really cute hotel; the Malibu Country Inn.
Georgienne from Sea Save Foundation met me at the airport. She is so lovely and made me feel right at home from the off. Thanks G!!! As for Malibu, what can you say but simply stunning!

Tuesday was my first full day. Though Georgienne was more than happy for me to have a few days to rest and acclimatise, I was so excited, keen to get going and simply felt so alive, that I went straight into volunteering for Sea Save. Georgienne and I spent the day reviewing current projects and discussing ideas for going forward. We commenced breaking down the projects into associated tasks and assigning priorities. The day was informative, rewarding and it wonderful for me to use my PM skills for ocean conservation. Tuesday happened to be my birthday also, so Georgienne kindly took me out for a wonderful birthday dinner which was great. See the life of a volunteer is not all work.

The rest of the week has continued to be just as interesting and fun. I have meet some of the rest of the gang, Jen, Jay, Susana & Sherry. All of them lovely and welcoming. So relaxed and happy am I here, that I have even, albeit by accident, invented the 'happy shark dance' which has Georgienne in fits of laughter.

I knew Sea Save was amazing but I never knew, until now, just how much. They are simply lovely with a pure aim to help our oceans. This, together with beautiful Malibu, friendly residents and the beautiful sunny weather, life is just fabulous! Like the name of the cocktail I was drinking under the stars on Wednesday night, this is definitely my 'Malibu Escape'. Loving it!!!