Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Boudicca, Celtic Warrior, Continues to Inspire

The photograph of me doing the Sea Save Foundation ‘GiveEmTheFin’ in front of a statue of Queen Boudicca is probably not what you would consider as a stereotypical London landmark. After all, there are far more recognisable sites, like the Tower of London, Tower Bridge or Buckingham Palace, yet for me this statue of a long dead queen has always inspired me. 

Boudicca more commonly known by many as, Boadicea, was the wife of Prasutagus, ruler of the Iceni tribe of East Anglia. The Romans had conquered Southern England in 43 AD but had allowed Prasutagus to keep his lands and tribe. When Prasutagus died, the Romans went back on the agreement they had originally made and confiscated all the land, property, wealth etc. When Boudicca protested against this she was punished for her 'insolence'! This fuelled an already growing resentment of the Roman occupation and the Iceni tribe lead by Boudicca revolted.

Boudicca died but it is believed that she took poison rather than be captured by her enemy. Some historians see her as a vengeful queen, but for me Boudicca is a heroine who stood up against an injustice to her people! 

I admire her, first because she was a strong woman and, more important,  she was prepared to stand up against an enemy that was far more powerful! 

British history remembers her as the Celtic Warrior Queen.  Thankfully in today’s more enlightened society, we use diplomatic means to bring about change!! The power of people, the pen, peaceful pressure on governments, corporations etc. have replaced the sword, but Boudicca’s power and courage, has inspired me not to give up when I see injustice in the world today! 

For me, the destruction of this beautiful planet and all the species on it is analogous to Boudicca plight.  I see much of that same courage in many people across the world as we pull together to protect sharks, a species that has been historically vilified.   Our battles may be different, but the courage is the same! To me she is a symbolic courageous woman! This is why I chose to have a Sea Save Foundation ‘GiveEmTheFin’ picture taken in front of The Celtic Warrior Queen!

Please join me, Boudicca and the entire Sea Save pod as we fight injustice, add your picture to our Give Em the Fin Campaign.  

-  Donna Whitbread