Thursday, March 6, 2014



London, England - March 1, 2014: Western Australian Shark Cull Rally

Some of our fearless Sea Save Leaders took a stand against the Australian Shark Cull this past weekend in London, England. Protesters from all over gathered outside the Australian High Commission adorning signs, shirts and“Giving the Fin” to the recently implemented 2014 policy which allows baited cull nets to be placed around the Australian coast to reduce the shark population. Australia is the natural home to many large species of sharks that have become vulnerable over the years due to sport fishing, shark finning and media-fanned killings, including the threatened Great White Shark. The act of luring these creatures to their death has been a concern to animal rights activists everywhere and Sea Save has been doing everything they can to raise public awareness and work towards reversing this inhumane policy.

Donna Whitbread and Ian Allsop met with over 150 protesters in the heart of London to bring light to this environmentally irresponsible issue. The protest was organized by Shark Aid International, the protest was held due to a horrific breach of animal rights, the feeling of unity and hopefulness was overwhelming. “I am very proud to be part of Sea Save's team and for getting a chance to represent Sea Save Foundation at the London rally against Australia’s Shark Cull. Sharks are already under threat due the shark finning trade and to have this cull killing an endangered species is in my opinion, madness!” says Sea Save leader, Donna Whitbread. The London rally allowed animal rights activists to voice their opinions on the new policy as well as plan for further actions to be taken in response, all while meeting new friends to join in the stand against shark culling.

How YOU Can Help!

 So what can you do to help? Raising awareness is key. Use social media to get the word out against the cull or organize events and protests in your city to show support and bring in new advocates. Use the Sea Save “Event in a Box” to even print your own T-shirts, signs, and pamphlets to attract others and engage your community. Volunteer at your local marine foundation or donate money to the cause. Join the “Give Em’ The Fin” program and upload pictures of you Giving the Fin and your event for the Sea Save website and mosaic. Together, we can put a stop to shark culling but we need you!

London protest was organized by and attended by conservationists and NGOs from around the world.