Monday, March 10, 2014

The Adventures of Ginger: Sea Save's Catfish

Our Sea Save office in Malibu had an unexpected visitor today and new addition to the pod - our very own catfish, Ginger! This little kitty belongs to Office Manager, Lisa Levinson and was brought in to the Sea Save office to shake things up a bit and has she ever. Ginger has made herself right at home at Sea Save by curiously exploring the entire office and even taking over Director, Georgienne Bradley's desk chair!

Ginger has definitely livened things up at Sea Save central and we love having her here. Sadly, Ginger's visit was brought about due to very tragic circumstances - Ginger has been diagnosed with cancer. "When I first found out Ginger had cancer, I was so sad to be separated from her. She was depressed and lonely at home, despite her feline friends. Ginger now accompanies me to the office every day" says owner, Lisa. Thanks to the caring and compassionate hearts of everyone in our Sea Save pod, Ginger is now able to stay with Lisa and receive the around the clock attention she deserves and needs.
Many animals fall into a depression and become lethargic as an illness progresses, but not this little fighter. Since arriving at Sea Save, Ginger has almost become a kitten again, prowling and prancing throughout the office. Ginger relishes the extra special attention and has enjoyed having a place to call her own. Being at the office is giving Ginger another reason for living, which is very important at this stage of her illness and we hope we can make her time here at Sea Save as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. Stay tuned for more updates and adventures of our office catfish!